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"Stone in Water, Waiting" released by JMS Books

Posted by Richard Mandrachio on Thursday, January 24, 2013,

My story depicts an air of expectancy off the coast of San Francisco where a majority of the populace has been willed to witness an extraordinary event. In its wake, society undergoes the biggest paradigm shift in history and a door to the collective unconscious is unlocked.

Back in the late 1960s/early ’70s there was a cultural renaissance of a sort, which expressed Gaia consciousness through various artistic media, and perhaps with good reason; it was also around that period that disr...

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"How Is Mankind?" released by JMS Books

Posted by Richard Mandrachio on Sunday, January 13, 2013,
Life has changed for a San Francisco lab technician and his gay son when aliens land on Earth, inadvertently provide mankind with rare gifts, and attempt to satisfy their own curiosity about the human race.

With all the recent apocalyptic predictions, and justified concerns about global warming and depletion of natural resources, I wanted to show how an otherworldly event could have a positive effect on a planetary scale. Though I’ve written other alien visitation scenarios, I thought I’...

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