PEN party at Brenda Webster's

April 17, 2011
Friday, I was invited to Brenda Webster's home in the Berkeley Hills for her seasonal PEN party.  It's a beautiful location where you can see the sunset from her living room and take in a panoramic view of the entire bay!  A number of other writers were present and we were each given a few minutes to talk about our books which Brenda had prominently displayed for everyone to inspect.  She herself is an amazing author (Vienna Triangle, The Beheading Game) and translator (Letters to My Mother), and has garnered the respect of the entire writing community.  It was a thrill to ride there and back with fellow NCBR members as well as with this year's NCBA fiction winner (Ivan and Misha), Michael Alenikov who regaled us all with his marvelous stories.  Joyce Jenkins from Poetry Flash was also in attendance along with other familiar faces.  The wine, food and conversation all made for a delightful evening.

First public reading for The Nexus

April 11, 2011
Ron Marcus and Patti Ann Maloney were gracious enough to hold a reading salon for me in their lovely home in the Oakland Hills this weekend.  I read two excerpts from The Nexus and one short story entitled The Truck Driver Who Had a Secret from a work-in-progress.  On the latter, I received singing help from my partner with whom I am celebrating our 14th anniversary.  The response was wonderful, I sold quite a number of books and, best of all, I interacted with some of the most wonderful and ...
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Dreaming Sparta released by JMS Books

April 6, 2011
My first novelette, Dreaming Sparta, has been released in electronic format from JMS Books and is available on their website as well as on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes&Noble and AllRomanceEbooks.  It's my first published historical fiction (with some erotica thrown in!).  I'm going to have to rev up the ol' publicity engine to promote this in coming weeks.

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Edited manuscript submitted to publisher

March 27, 2011
Today, I sent in a revised version of Dreaming Sparta due for release in a week.  Meanwhile, I'm editing a book for a Pulitzer Prize winning writer which is also on deadline for the same day.

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Release date set for new novelette

March 15, 2011
Today my publisher informed me that my new novelette, Dreaming Sparta, will be released April 3.  I submitted blurb and cover art suggestions and am very psyched about this being my first erotic work to be published.  Meanwhile, I plan on promoting both books at a number of sf&f conventions this year.

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First reviews appearing

February 14, 2011
The first review I've seen of The Nexus has appeared and it's a favorable one.  Hope to see more of these soon.  Meanwhile, I'm busy publicizing the book locally as well as signing up as a writer guest for conventions later this year.

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Unabridged paperback version of The Nexus released

January 16, 2011
Online sales options (Amazon, etc) for the paperback version have been corrected and made available once again.  My own order was received just in time for my birthday, so I was thrilled to finally see the complete novel in print.  Now, I need to come up with a bona fide press release to hand to booksellers so as to make The Nexus available in brick and mortar stores.  Meanwhile, to anyone who ordered the first print version:  rest assured that replacement copies are on the way via USPS. 
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Printer error in first issues of paperback release

December 25, 2010
For anyone who has already received their paperback order, you may have an incomplete copy of The Nexus: there should be about 237 pages and 5 sections.  Part IV is missing if you book totals only 187 pages, in which case you will be receiving another copy (this one complete) from the publisher shortly.  Sorry if this is the case and, if for some reason you do not receive a replacement soon, be sure to contact me.  There's no problem with the electronic version if you've opted to purchase tha...
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Print version of The Nexus released

December 19, 2010
For all who have inquired, the print version of The Nexus was released today.  It's available on the JMS Books website at a discount as well as on Amazon and should soon appear at brick-and-mortar stores.  As soon as I know specific locations, I'll post them here especially for local folk who would rather pick up a copy at their favorite shop.

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First Promo Op

December 17, 2010
Received promotional postcards for The Nexus form a nifty online company called VistaPrint.  I had the opportunity to distribute them for the first time with the help of Sister mae joy b. with u from The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at a Sweet Honey in the Rock concert at the beautiful beaux-arts Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco.

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