The Abraxas Stone is a sequel to the paranormal thriller The Nexus, in which Sykes, its gay protagonist, discovered the origin of his extrasensory powers: a covert, prenatally conducted genetics experiment. Sykes is now on the road, fleeing from the deadly results of a series of unfortunate incidents. Accompanied respectively by an eccentric transient, a pixie hacker’s cyber-ghost, a mystical Mexican Indian, and a duplicitous evangelical healer—with whom Sykes becomes emotionally involved—he attempts to evade black ops agents for as long as possible. While trying to maintain his sanity, control his extraordinary psychic abilities, and protect a mystical gemstone, Sykes slowly falls victim to both an adversary who wants to abuse the talisman and a government agency that plans to use Sykes as their secret weapon. What they all don’t realize is that unseen forces are at work on the hero’s behalf.

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