“So I leave for a short time and this is what I find.” Andreas, with his arms crossed, towered like a stone colossus. “I guess you were not ready for the emotional challenge after all. This is how you pay me back for all our time together, for all the energy I put into teaching you? Tell me, Demetrios, is this who you want?”

Demetrios feared the intense grimace of his mentor’s face, further accentuated by a square jaw line and chiseled cheekbones. The fact Andrew’s body was a clamp upon him did nothing to help matters. When Demetrios glanced down at their state of undress, he was quick to lock eyes with Andreas. “This…this is not how it appears. I was lonely and needed to get away. I thought this man was sent to me from Mount Olympus…I thought…” Demetrios stumbled over his words like an awkward beggar. He sounded ill at ease even to himself and knew his mentor took personal insult by this situation. He unraveled his limbs from Andrew who bore a look of shock. “I still love you, Andreas, truly I do.”

“Then why do I find you in this stranger’s arms? And, with your garments off no less! What if he meant to hurt you? You should not expose yourself to such dangers. Have I not taught you anything?”


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